One more down, many more to go….

One more weight loss challenge group finished today….it’s always a bitter sweet happiness 🙂 I LOVE to see people’s results, I find so much join in looking at everyone’s “before & after” pictures but it’s sad to “finish” it as some people will stay in touch and some, not so much. I do get connected with everyone and care on how they are doing….

This group lost 362 lbs in 12 weeks and a total os $1065 was paid out to the winners! The winners had fantastic results:

Most inches lost went for Chris with 22.5 inches and 24 lbs lost ($75)

3rd place went for Mandy with 17.4 lbs and 11.041% lost ($198)

2nd place went for Dave with 34.2 lbs and 14.805% lost ($297)

and 1st place went for Sara with 26.4 lbs and 17.165%lost ($495)

Congratulations to all this amazing winners but mostly to every participant that completed this Challenge! One of the qualities I admire the most is people that have the ability to finish what they start!!!!

Personally, for me one of the best moments is to sit down and read the feedback forms 🙂 Jim Rohn used to say that one of the best feelings is when your name show up on someone else “testimony”…. I would say that is knowing that you made an impact, that you give even a little contribution to someone’s else life and that’s a BIG part of why I do what I do. To be able to make a contribution!

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Article about us at the Lethbridge Downtown Magazine

Thanks Alisha for such a great article 🙂

Lethbridge Downtown Magazine Cover Spring Edition

CLICK TO READ IT - Downtown Mag Article

Dreams & Goals Workshop

So another very exciting thing to do this Saturday 🙂

I’ve been planning on doing this for a while and now I’ve decided it has to be this week as I am really in need of getting this done!

One of the most important things I have learned is the power of setting goals and having a clear vision of what you want, for anything in your life, not only financially, professional but also for health and family.

Goals are what will move you. Without clear goals we just “get by” day by day without a real feeling of purpose and accomplishment.

A lot of people don’t set goals because they don’t know how to, or they thing it’s too complicated so this workshop will guide you and help you to get it done. By the end of the day we will all have a clear vision of what are the things we want to achieve in our lives. Who doesn’t want that?! 🙂

I’m also very excited about the vision board, I have pictures that illustrate my goals all around my office. I did a vision board a few years ago that it’s still at my house and it’s amazing how many things I had in there that I actually achieved.

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Lethbridge Charity Bazaar

We are getting all set up for our 1st Wellness Place Charity Bazaar!!!

We’ve received some donations this week (thanks!!!) and if you have anything to donate, please contact me or drop it here at the club.

The Bazaar idea came as a” solution to a problem”,  as when we are losing weight we start to lose clothes and most of the time we don’t want to spend money to buy new clothes knowing we will lose it :).

So we tough that a “swap” of clothes between our weight loss challenge participants sounded like a good plan but even better than that was if instead of just swaping it, we would use it as a mean to fundraise for some good cause…brilliant I say 😀

Here’s how it’s going to work…

We will have 3 ways to raise funds

1) Clothes – You give $20 and get to pick 4 pieces. If you find 4 pieces or not the minimum donations is $20. Either way you are getting a good deal 😉

2) Club service – Here at the club you get a cup of aloe, a cup of tea and a cup of our Meal replacement, that all together make it for a a “ideal breakfast” and you just make a $4.20 (incl gst) contribution to the club. During the Bazaar time all club service will be donated to the charity. So come HUNGRY!

3) The Bag Ladies kindly donated 2 beautiful new purses that we will have a raffle to raise more money.

With all of that I hope we will have a nice amount of money to donate for the Lethbridge Humane Society and for the Herbalife Family Foundation.

Every month the Bazaar is going to support The Herbalife Family Foundation and a LOCAL organization. We hope we will find the support of our community to make this a strong event that happens month, after month, after month, after month…. Continue reading

Childhood Obesity

This week Herbalife is sponsoring a two-day Conference in Orlando that Physicians and nutrition scientists from around the world are gathering in order to discuss emerging trends and grass roots solutions to the global obesity epidemic employing balanced nutrition and teaching healthy active lifestyles.

The focus has been Obesity Prevention and yesterday they talked about Childhood obesity. This is a subject that touches me, and truth be said, makes me very sad.

In the United States, obesity rates in children have quadrupled in the last 25 years. (exact the same in Canada)

When we talk about childhood obesity (and overweight) many people will get mad about it, as they perceive it as a “pressure to look good”, or they think it will create an “eating disorder”, “it’s too early to teach about dieting”, etc. But the point here is not appearance, it’s HEALTH. It’s not dieting, it’s living a healthy lifestyle.

As a result, children are experiencing the same obesity-related diseases as adults – such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. But the difference between children and adults is that, in children, there is a shorter time interval between the onset of obesity and the development of obesity-related diseases. “Obesity-related diseases that may take 10 years or more to develop in adults can appear as early as 3-5 years after the onset of obesity in children,” adds Greene.

Scientists say that prevention tactics are critical, since obesity can set in firmly as early as age five. In fact, research suggests that the most critical period for prevention of obesity may be during the first two years of life.

“If we could prevent childhood obesity, this generation would witness a 50 percent reduction in obesity as adults,” said Greene.

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