Is it safe?

Many many times people will ask me what’s the difference between Herbalife products and a “shelf product” that you can buy at your grocery store/pharmacy, I am very careful when answering this question because:
I not only sell Herbalife products but I USE them, so they are what I chose for myself because I believe they are the best.
I don’t like to generalize anything and I don’t like to make it sound as I believe Herbalife is THE only good product in the market because that would be very stupid on my part 🙂

With that said, I do believe you get what you pay for (well, most of the times) and I have a hard time understanding why people want to buy “the best house” their money can buy, “the best car” their money can buy, “the best vacation” their money can buy but when it comes to supplements and food products they want the cheapest. Does it make any sense?!

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