A personal note….


June 28, 2006 I left Brazil to move to this city called Lethbridge.
That was the day that answering the question “Where is Lethbridge?” became part of my life.

I didn’t know what would be waiting for me here but I knew I would make the best of the opportunity that was given to me in such an unexpected place.
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January 2009, when I was still working at the Lethbridge Herald was when I started pursuing my mission of building the Herbalife business in a city that mostly no one knew about it…by myself, with my box of shakes I’ve started my 1st Weight loss challenge at the soccer association, that many of you were part of 🙂 from there to the small litte office at the 3rd Ave to then my 1st nutrition club on the 5th on 5th basement to finally the club that is today.
Thru out those many phase, locations and years I had the priviledge to meet so many of you, help so many people and as a team “put Lethbridge in the map” when it comes to the Herbalife business.

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Our small city has been growing, we are on the “top 10 list” for productions in all Herbalife Canada! Last we heard we are like 8th on the rank ahead of many bigger cities! We received “herbalife stars” and made many people google to know where they were headed too 😀
What we have done as a team is nothing short of extraordinary and what we are still to do in the future is going to be even more unbelievable!

I have nothing but tremendous gratitude for all of you, participants to our events (even if never a customer), customers, club members, team members and mostly FRIENDS!
I never felt alone in here. I always felt cared for, supported and encouraged…which are very important feelings to have when your family are not around. You all became my family.

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As with many things in life, theres phases and time for eveything…and now the time has come for me to go ahead on the pursuit of my goals and mission.
My mission has been thru this years and still is to BUILD CANADA, to help in the creating of a bigger and better Herbalife Canada for all of us.

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With that mission and purpose as my drivers I’ve made the decision to relocate to Calgary which will allow me to grow and expand in many ways.
Lethbridge IS NOT staying behind me. My commitment and support to this city, to the customer, to all team members remaind the same. I will be coming to Lethbridge every thursday for customers follow ups, appointments and to visit with everyone. When here I will be “based” at Tania’s club “Bridge to fitness” so you will all be able to visit me in there 🙂 anything that you need, just send me a txt, an email and I will be there for you like always!
Our weekly Herbalife Opportunity Meeting and team training will stay happen every thursday 7-9 pm and will be hosted at Tania’s club as well.
I will still run and coordinate our Lethbridge Success Training seminar as well.

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In other words, not much really changes 🙂 other than the fact that I won’t be at the club on a daily basis but the time I will have with all of you is going to be an even more valuable and appriacted time!

This month is the last month that I am full time in Lethbridge, by the end of February my club will be closed so make sure to stop by for a visit 🙂

I am very excited about this new chapter…is there a bit of a sadness in my heart? For sure there is, like I said, Lethbridge has been home for almost 8 years and so many of you are a huge part of my day to day life…but once a decision is made, we look foward, we look ahead and we walk in faith knowing it’s always for a better, brighter future and that everything will be fine!

With much love and sincere gratitute I thank you for making my life and years in Lethbridge some of the best years of my life.

Wishing you the best in health, Deb Sousa