It’s the food!

During our weight loss challenges groups I will often mention some disturbing facts about the food we eat today but I normally take it easy as I am not one for taking the “scaring people’s approach” and honestly, I think people won’t even believe it and will think I am crazy! 🙂

We live in denial, we know it’s “easier” to believe that it’s not that bad than it is to take a real look at the issue, understand it and deal with it. But on the other hand, I think in the same process lies one of the keys to change, just when you have a real look at the issue, understand what it’s causing you, you can get “shocked enough” to deal with it by changing.

Myself, I find it very hard not to change once I have the knowledge of “why I should”…. for example, after I saw “Supersize me” I’ve cut fast food to a bare minimum  but after I saw “Fast food nation” I cut it to ZERO!

Supersize me made me realize the effects of it on my health but I was still thinking “once in a while is okay” but after watching “Fast food nation”, it was the information about Continue reading

Brenda’s reveal – Beautiful You

Brenda’s Reveal

Get going with exercise

Yesterday at the Weight Loss Challenge I introduced Julie to the group as a response to previous participants request for us to offer some kind of exercise “program” so Julie is hoping to offer that solution.

Here is the information on what she is offering 🙂

Fitness Delivered

Fitness Delivered

Herbalife “tested” in Brazilian magazine

I know most of you will not understand this, I am posting more for Brazilians to read it 🙂 sorry.

I will give you the “summary” of what’s in it….it’s one of those “products test” that they get readers to do, each get a different brand of products to use for 5 days  and give their opinion. In this case the product been tested was “diet shakes” (it’s a magazine about diets, like Womens health or something like that)

At the end on the period the one using Herbalife had the most positive experience and results, been the one that lost more weight! She lost almost 14 lbs correction: she lost 3 kg which is around 7 lbs in 15 days and she will keep using the products. The others had a some what positive experience but dealing with some hunger, not loving the taste, etc.

That’s the difference of good nutrition and HIGH quality products 🙂

Introduction to the article and Herbalife tester

Other products testers

Article about us at the Lethbridge Downtown Magazine

Thanks Alisha for such a great article 🙂

Lethbridge Downtown Magazine Cover Spring Edition

CLICK TO READ IT - Downtown Mag Article