Fair cultural exchange?

Interesting how we can never predict what will trigger a intriguing thinking process….

Today I got to the club and turned on the music, as I always do, but lately I’ve been listening to a Brazilian radio online (because I haven’t transferred my musics back since I formatted my computer).

I’ve been enjoying listening to the Brazilian radio because I can listen to all the musics that have been playing in Canada, plus stay up to date on musics been played in Brazil as well….

So as I think about that “advantage” I realized that the music “made in America” spreads all around the world, anywhere you go today you can listen to Kate Perry, Rhianna, Justin Bieber, Black Eye Peas, etc but in here you will never listen to Skank, Paralamas, Ivete Sangalo… so America “gives” but gets nothing back. It’s not a “fair exchange”.

When you think about it, it’s the same way with anything cultural: music, movies (maybe movies they get a little but very little), books (same, they get some but not much), TV shows…

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10 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight

Great article I just came across! Do read it as I am sure you will get many “aha’s”

Interesting enough, one of the reasons is exaclty about what I was writing about yesterday (I didn’t post it yet but now I will have to :P)

“REASON 4 You keep trying the same weight loss strategies over and over.”

That’s all I will write right now, so read on!

“Understand that losing 1 pound a week for 20 weeks is a far more successful and sustainable diet plan than losing 20 pounds in 2 weeks using diet plans that focus on restrictions and deprivation.”

via 10 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight.

Resisting to change…

I often wonder what’s it that makes change so hard for many people?

Working with people on a daily bases gives you enough “insight” into peoples habits, things that makes them happy, things that makes them unhappy, things they want to change and things they want to leave untouched and it’s really hard to find a pattern, to find a formula as we are all “so different but so much of the same”.

If I look back in my life I find myself as one of “these people”… I was not one for changing, in fact I was very set on my old ways, the type that would look at you and say “This is who I am! I am NOT going to change, if you don’t like me, deal with it. I was born this way, I will die this way”. Crazy, uh?

Today I can’t even identify with those sentences anymore, much less comprehend where did I got the belief of “being” as such a permanent, unchangable form. Today I think that the concept of “ME’ is very fluid… if I don’t like how something is, I change it.

What got me into the path of changing myself was, of course, Jim Rohn and his classic quote:

“for things to change, you have to change”

That helped me to understand that I could not keep being who I was, keep doing what I was doing and expecting different results. I think it was Einstein that said that the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.

I see that all the time when it comes to my weight loss challenge participants… someone that has been doing “Weight watchers” for 20 years and wants to keep doing it. With all due respect to “my people” and to weight watchers, if that plan was working the person wouldn’t need to be here, right now. Isn’t it time to change your approach?!

People will always try to repeat “what they know” even if that isn’t helping them to achieve what they want. I can try to come up with all sorts of answers to why is that… conditioning, been scared of the unknown, lack of knowledge, been afraid of succeeding, but the truth is, I don’t know why people resist to change.

So I invite you to think about yourself, think about your resistance (if it’s the case) to new things and come up with your own answers…. What are the old habits that you keep repeating that are stopping you to achieve the results that you want???

Welcome the Fall

Today as I was walking back to the club, I was enjoying the beauty of the leafs changing it colors to “Fall colors”.
I always enjoy the process of the changing seasons and I specially enjoy the Fall which is my favourite! I love the picture perfect scene of sun light hitting the leafs…
The change of the seasons is something that I just had the chance to appreciate and enjoy by living in Canada, as in Brazil (at least where I used to leave) we have  seasons: “Supper hot” and “Not so hot” 🙂
As I reflect on that, I can’t help but thing about one of the biggest life lessons I’ve learned from Jim Rohn that is the understanding of “The Seasons of Life’. Jim Rohn’s philosophy about how life and business are like the changing seasons has helped me to endure during tough time but also to do my best to prepare for the “winters”.
I highly recommend his book “The Seasons of Life” and I will leave you here with something I typed out of a Jim Rohn’s video from Herbalife and adapted it a little by removing the parts that were more for Herbalife distributors.
Hope you enjoy and reflect on it.

“Life and business is like the changing season…

Winter  follows Fall

Spring follows Winter

Summer, Harvest…the Seasons are set, you can not change those.

But here is what you can do:

You can change yourself!”

Learn how to handle the Winter, the Winters always come. All of us can become wiser than we were yesterday, wiser than we were last week, wiser than we were a month ago.

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Brenda’s reveal – Beautiful You

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