One more down, many more to go….

One more weight loss challenge group finished today….it’s always a bitter sweet happiness 🙂 I LOVE to see people’s results, I find so much join in looking at everyone’s “before & after” pictures but it’s sad to “finish” it as some people will stay in touch and some, not so much. I do get connected with everyone and care on how they are doing….

This group lost 362 lbs in 12 weeks and a total os $1065 was paid out to the winners! The winners had fantastic results:

Most inches lost went for Chris with 22.5 inches and 24 lbs lost ($75)

3rd place went for Mandy with 17.4 lbs and 11.041% lost ($198)

2nd place went for Dave with 34.2 lbs and 14.805% lost ($297)

and 1st place went for Sara with 26.4 lbs and 17.165%lost ($495)

Congratulations to all this amazing winners but mostly to every participant that completed this Challenge! One of the qualities I admire the most is people that have the ability to finish what they start!!!!

Personally, for me one of the best moments is to sit down and read the feedback forms 🙂 Jim Rohn used to say that one of the best feelings is when your name show up on someone else “testimony”…. I would say that is knowing that you made an impact, that you give even a little contribution to someone’s else life and that’s a BIG part of why I do what I do. To be able to make a contribution!

Here are some I got today 🙂 (thank you all)

“Debora is an excellent speaker, she is very easy to talk too”

“The WLC changed everything about my life. It taught me alot and I’m a healthier person because of it” (Lynnae S.)

“I still cannot believe how much I have learned by losing weight. The information and products are amazing. I recommend all the info and products to my family and friends” (Tara Tisdale)

“I valued Debora and her knowledge and compassion for everything involved in this course” (Bryan VanEden)

“This group was the best thing I could have done for my health. Not only did I lose the weight I needed to lose nut I gained the information to help me live a healthy lifestyle” (Sara Fitzhenry – 1st place winner)

“I valued how open Debora is and how easy it is to talk to her. Also how easy she makes things, I didn’t have a hard time understanding anything” (Amy VanEden)

I do believe this groups can have a powerful impact in our community….these people leave today wiser than they were 12 weeks ago, they leave with more knowledge, with more motivation, with more personal believe and confidence and with all of that they now have the possiblity of impacting someone else…of making, themselves, a contribution to someone else’s life.

That’s my dream…that each one of us will make a contribution to at least one other persons life and that person will do the same, and the same and the same….

I know it’s a utopic dream, but I believe on it 🙂

Which reminds me of this movie “Pay it forward” have you seen it?

Here is a video about it

Our next weight loss challenge will start next week, April 6th. If you want to join us contact me to sign up asap!

So that’s how our cycle goes, one group ends, another begins and we keep working on it 😉

A couple of before and after to inspire you….

Sara that was the winner of this group

and Michelle, our Biggest loser of ALL times! Michele is such an inspiration of persistence, consistence and of the power of a definite decision! She impressed me very much by how committed she was to the use of her products (yes she is losing weight using Herbalife products and so did Sarah) and to her goal, which is to be exactly 1/2 the weight she was when she got started back in June, 2009. To this day Michelle has lost 130 lbs and she is about 30 lbs away from her final goal!!!!

Sara's before

Sara's after

Michelle's before

Michelle's "during" taken now March 27, 2010.

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