How much do you lie?

I’m watching an Oprah show about being “normal” and she had Dr. Phil talking about how much people lie… I’m not a fan but what he said was super funny and worth sharing 🙂

“on average men lie 6 times a day, women lie 3”

What do they lie about?

Women most common lies:
#1 I’m fine, there’s nothing wrong.
#2 No, this isn’t new I had this “old thing” forever
#3 This was cheap, I got it on sale
#4 I got a headache

#1 It’s fine nothings wrong
#2 This is my last drink
#3 No, that doesn’t make you fat
#4 I’m on the way (when they are not even almost on the way)

Too funny!

Something to try….

I’ve been telling a few of you about this 2 recipes so I just decided to place it here at the blog for anyone to try it 🙂

I tried both. The muffins were perfect, even tho I’ve never baked a muffin before! It’s probably “foolproof”. The cookies, on the other hand, not so much lol the taste was fine, it was the texture that I didn’t get right. From what I talked with more experienced bakers than myself, it seems like I didn’t bake them long enough.

So, good luck and let me know how does it work for you.


Label Decoder: Buying Chicken | The Dr. Oz Show

Very nice segment of Dr. Oz show about Chicken. Watch the videos, it has 3 parts but it’s well worth your time!

Label Decoder: Buying Chicken | The Dr. Oz Show.