Fair cultural exchange?

Interesting how we can never predict what will trigger a intriguing thinking process….

Today I got to the club and turned on the music, as I always do, but lately I’ve been listening to a Brazilian radio online (because I haven’t transferred my musics back since I formatted my computer).

I’ve been enjoying listening to the Brazilian radio because I can listen to all the musics that have been playing in Canada, plus stay up to date on musics been played in Brazil as well….

So as I think about that “advantage” I realized that the music “made in America” spreads all around the world, anywhere you go today you can listen to Kate Perry, Rhianna, Justin Bieber, Black Eye Peas, etc but in here you will never listen to Skank, Paralamas, Ivete Sangalo… so America “gives” but gets nothing back. It’s not a “fair exchange”.

When you think about it, it’s the same way with anything cultural: music, movies (maybe movies they get a little but very little), books (same, they get some but not much), TV shows…

All of sudden it makes sense to why it seems like people in America are less interested in learning other languages, travelling around, just generally less interested in other cultures (of course it’s a generalization and I know it’s not EVERYONE) and why in places like Brazil people want to learn another language, want to go to other countries and are more open to other cultural influence.

That contact with celebrities, watching movies, listening to music and all, probably sparkles the curiosity and desire to learn more about it. For exemple, when I was a teenager I used to love Alanis Morissette, I remember when I got her CD “Jagged Little Pill” and I translated it “cover to cover” using a dictionary to every word lol because I was so eager to know what she was talking about. That created a habit (I start doing that with everything, from Green Day to Frank Sinatra) and gave me a big advantage when learning english. I also use to love Andy Garcia and I watched “Things to Do in Denver When Youre Dead” sure enough I always want to go to Denver (and still do).

It’s one of “the chicken or the egg” dilemma to which I don’t expect to find an answer but I must admit I never thought about it until now.

The fact I see is: America is giving, giving and spreading it “stuff” every where but receiving (or taking) nothing back. You may ask “Who’s fault is it?” Is it that the “stuff” are not brought to the people or is it because the people wouldn’t want other culture “stuff”? I don’t know but, they do want the food 😛 Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, even Brazilian and big enough cities. …

Just food for thought I guess…..


P.S. If you want to try listening to some brazilian radio 🙂 click here

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