Welcome the Fall

Today as I was walking back to the club, I was enjoying the beauty of the leafs changing it colors to “Fall colors”.
I always enjoy the process of the changing seasons and I specially enjoy the Fall which is my favourite! I love the picture perfect scene of sun light hitting the leafs…
The change of the seasons is something that I just had the chance to appreciate and enjoy by living in Canada, as in Brazil (at least where I used to leave) we have  seasons: “Supper hot” and “Not so hot” 🙂
As I reflect on that, I can’t help but thing about one of the biggest life lessons I’ve learned from Jim Rohn that is the understanding of “The Seasons of Life’. Jim Rohn’s philosophy about how life and business are like the changing seasons has helped me to endure during tough time but also to do my best to prepare for the “winters”.
I highly recommend his book “The Seasons of Life” and I will leave you here with something I typed out of a Jim Rohn’s video from Herbalife and adapted it a little by removing the parts that were more for Herbalife distributors.
Hope you enjoy and reflect on it.

“Life and business is like the changing season…

Winter  follows Fall

Spring follows Winter

Summer, Harvest…the Seasons are set, you can not change those.

But here is what you can do:

You can change yourself!”

Learn how to handle the Winter, the Winters always come. All of us can become wiser than we were yesterday, wiser than we were last week, wiser than we were a month ago.

Learn to take advantage of the Spring. Spring is called opportunity, Winter doesn’t last forever, Spring always come.

There’s just a hand full of Spring that has been give to each of us. Take advantage of every one.

At the longest, life is brief.

Learn to value life in all of it’s precious moment.

Get everything you can while the opportunity is here, because the window open and then…it closes.

Every time the sun comes up take advantage of that day, because life is brief at the longest.

The third season is the season of Summer. Two things are important in the season of summer

Number one, that is to give life to your value. If you plant the garden now you have to give it nourishment. Give life to your value. Like a mother that gives life to a baby, now she nourishes it, now she feeds it, now she takes care of it… put everything you got, into everything you do.

Number two, believe in each other.

Last season is the season of Harvest. Harvest doesn’t not come to those who did not plant all those months ago called the Spring. Harvest does not come to those that hope, Harvest does not come to those that wish, Harvest does not come to those that have their finger crossed. Harvest only comes to those that planted, that did the job.

If you take the risk and go, if take a risk and go see the people…. I promisse you as time unfold, your harvest will come.

The lessons of the season:

1- Hang in there when the nights are long,. Hang in there when the Winters are tough

2 – Take advantage of the Spring

3 – In the Summer, look over your people. Take care of it, as a leader should.

Learn the lessons of the season. You can not change the seasons, they are set but here’s what you can do: You can change yourself!

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