To be or not To be

Every now and then we come across a decision that is more than just a rationalization of shoulda, coulda, woulda….
At least for me many decisions involve more than just what’s in the paper as I tend to make my decision based on my emotions and what I call “philosophical believes” 🙂 Yes I tend to turn simple things into complicated stuff!

Here’s the deal, as off Canadian Immigration rules I am eligible to apply to become a Canadian (for all of you that don’t know how it works: 1st we become a “Permanent Resident” after 3 years leaving in Canada we can apply to become a citizen). In theory, you are eligible, you fill out the paper and you send it. That simple!
But not me….I go about asking “Do I feel like I am canadian?”, “Will I ever feel like one?” and at this point, almost 4 years of life in Canada and I feel like I will probably never feel like a Canadian as I was born in Brazil I think I will always be Brazilian and some things never change.

I must say that I DO appreciate Canada a lot. I have great admiration for this country and its people. Canadians are wonderful people and I feel very lucky to have “ended up” in here. I appreciate Canada’s effort in being an “open country” where if people want to come live here, they (at least) have the chance to make it right, they don’t need to break the rules they just need to learn how to comply with them.
Of course the immigration system in Canada is far from perfect, but at least there is one in place. Canada needs the immigrants, immigrants need Canada (many don’t need Canada, they choose Canada) and its like a marriage that all parts are doing their best to make it work. Some many not agree with this but most people have a fair opportunity in here, I’ve never felt disrespected, discriminated, or judged for being an immigrant (ok there was this old lady on the phone once lol).

Many, many brazilians that live in Canada way longer than I do will tell me otherwise….they will say “give it time and you will feel like a Canadian” and I can’t disagree with them as I will only know with time. So let’s wait and see 🙂

I remember once reading a brazilian (I think it was Otavio) saying that once we immigrate out of our country, we become “country-less” (“sem teto”) as we don’t feel as if you fully belong to your new country and when you go back “home” you don’t feel like you belong in there either. So maybe it’s fair to have both passports, one for each half of you. As I think what I am today is neither brazilian, neither canadian. I’m half of each 🙂


2 thoughts on “To be or not To be

  1. Hola Debora:

    My Name is Carlos, I’m Silvia Bernardes’ Husband. I read your very interesting blog throw Facebook, and let me tell you something, if I may:

    I was born Colombian, I came 6 years ago to Canada and I was in the same situation 2 years ago when I decided to adopt my Canadian citizenship.
    You must realized that I, as a Colombian, has difficulties to enter in almost every country with my Colombian passport (Except Brazil, thank you), So… for me that was the point that decided in favor of Canada… Just pure and simple practical toughs. But later I realized of something else:

    Now… You’re from Brazil, even if you stay here for 20 years you’ll be always a Brazilian or a Brazilian-Canadian, and be proud of that!
    Brazil is the 2nd. culture that thrive and success south of the Ecuador, after Australia. And the 1st. developed culture in the tropic!… The first! And when you adopt your new citizenship ( If you decided to do so) you’re saying: “I’m a Brazilian, I’m very proud of that, and I’ll always be, and also, I’m starting to be a Canadian and I will embrace more (not new) social values and cultural standards, without giving up my current ones.”

    What is exactly to be Canadian is that we’re a multicultural nation, that means everybody, except first-nations, are something-Canadian: Polish-Canadian, Korean-Canadian, etc. And is O.K… Here we don’t say “Arabs go home” like in Europe, here you don’t give up something for being Canadian, you just add a vibrant, outdoors, weather obsessed way of life.

    I hope you see my point that adopt the citizenship is more than just a bureaucratical, tedious process.

    I wish you a very nice day, my wife is in Ribeirao Preto waiting for the red tape bureaucracy to decide her permanent visa, but she says “Hi”. Gracias.


    • Hi Carlos, thanks for your comment.
      You have a great point in there…it’s great the fact that Canada allows for dual citizenship (who knows for how long, rumors says they will change it) it’s much easier to embrace the Brazilian-Canadian than it would be to have to give up on your origins in order to become Canadian. Brazil is very far from being perfect, but it is a great country and I always been proud of being Brazilian…I don’t think I will ever give up on that so I appreciate the fact that Canada don’t ask me to.

      Best of luck for you and your wife, I hope she will be able to join you in Canada soon.

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