The creators of the Nutrition Clubs

Varela's achiving 70k level

Enrique Varela and Graciela Mier NEW FOUNDER’S CIRCLE MEMBERS

These guys are amazing, starting the Herbalife business in Mexico they had to deal with some challenges like local economy, instead of being victims of the circumstances they found a solution. And what a solution they found!

Today the Nutrition Clubs are being implemented in pretty much all of the 72 countries Herbalife operates. Because it brings Daily Nutrition in a very affordable way that enabled Herbalife to open (or plan to open) in markets that due to economy levels were not a great potential before. This is really changing people lives. What an impact an idea well executed can have!

“If you take care of other peoples needs, all your needs will be taken care of”

They just achieved the highest level on Herbalife and they have been the #1 Distributors in Herbalife for the past 3 years (or 4, if I am not wrong). Here is their story.

As professors, both Enrique Varela and Graciela Mier have dedicated their lives to helping others. For Enrique, that meant serving as a manager in his own business and also as professor at the Monterrey Institute of Technology (ITESM). For Graciela, it meant working as a research professor in the interdisciplinary center of research and education and as a professor at the Autonomous University of Zacatecas (UAZ) and Autonomous University of Querétaro (UAQ).
For them today, however, helping others means sharing with people everywhere the opportunities for better health and financial independence with Herbalife.
“This was the business we were looking for.”
In May 1989, Enrique was introduced to the Herbalife® products for the first time. From the beginning, he noticed that the products worked. He was so excited he started recommending the products to others. Graciela joined him in the business– changing people’s lives with the products and their personal testimonies.

“The most important part of this business is providing excellent service.”

The Varela’s desire to help others inspired the creation of a new Business Method, the Nutrition Club, as a new way to grow their business to a higher level in the Marketing Plan. “There was a need for me not only to sell and recruit for the business but also to try to find a more impactful way to make a difference,” says Enrique, “The importance to work closer with our clients made us think of this wonderful idea –the Nutrition Club– which made it easier for us to keep track with our customers’ progress.”
“Herbalife has given us a wonderful life!”
As they continue making dreams come true for their downline and customers, Enrique and Graciela look forward to many more years of success with the generations to come, following the examples and the philosophy of the great leaders of Herbalife –Mark Hughes, Jim Rohn and Michael O. Johnson.*

*Incomes applicable to the individuals (or examples) depicted and not average. For average financial performance data, see the Statement of Average Gross Compensation for U.S. Supervisors at and


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