What did you have for breakfast?

Did you even have breakfast?

Having my ideal breakfast in Mexico

Having my ideal breakfast in Mexico

All the breakfast skippers out there, raise your hands….been there, done that!

People that know me will be able to tell you one thing “Debora loves to sleep” and I will do anything for those “5 more minutes” even skip breakfast (not anymore 😉 so I get were you are coming from, need to sleep, too busy, I am late, need to feed the kids (the dog)….the day just gets rolling and suddenly you noticed you didn’t even had breakfast!
Did you ever stop and paid attention for at the word itself BREAKFAST, think about it…..I’m giving you time…come on…ring a bell?
BREAK THE FAST 🙂 during the night it’s the longest we go without food or water! It’s said that we can lose up to a LITRE of water during the recovery process that your body and your cells go thru during the night, and when we wake up we are EMPTY!

If you are up to date about health issues you must be well aware that many recent studies has proven over and over again the importance of having breakfast. We all heard that “its the most important meal of the day”, haven’t we? But it’s not only about having breakfast, it’s mostly about WHAT are you having for breakfast? (Are you even surprised?!)

“According to numerous studies, a balanced breakfast helps to maintain health. Nutrients found in a healthy breakfast—including protein, B vitamins, essential fatty acids, and complex carbs—improve concentration, mental performance, mood, and memory. Breakfast is also linked to reduced risk for diabetes or excess weight gain, both by kicking your metabolism into gear and by decreasing the chance that you’ll grab a high-calorie snack. By eating first thing, you give your hungry body the chance to replenish blood sugar levels, burn calories effectively, and maintain more consistent energy all day long”

In our Weight Loss Challenge groups I like to illustrate the importance of having a breakfast by comparing our body (or your metabolism) with a furnace, or even with your car during the winter…what do you need to do to make it work? You need to warm up and the case of the old furnace you need to “feed it” with wood, right? And after the wood is burning, what do you have to do? Ever so often you need to go and put more wood in there to keep the heat going.
Same goes with our body, when we wake up we need to “turn the heat on” by giving it proper nutrition and the quality of your fire (oh you like it, don’t you?) will depend on the quality of the food your are giving to it.

The ideal breakfast contains protein, fat, and complex carbohydrates…please stay away from white bagels and sugary cereals, all they will do for you is spike your sugar (and insulin) give you a high and you know what happens after 30 minutes, an hour at best…CRASH and there you go again looking for more carbs (or coffee) to give you the spike/energy again…and you’ll be riding the roller coaster all day. Yupiiiiiiii. Bad plan!
This is a big subject and I am already saying more than I’ve planned 🙂 on another post I will talk about the carbs, energy and your metabolism.

As for today I will give you 2 Challenges:
1)Have an “Ideal Breakfast” EVERYDAY!
2)Have your breakfast within 45 minutes after you step out of bed. Tic tok, tic tok, tic tok! (I just found out that the canadian clock makes “tic tok” in Brazil it is “tic tac” 🙂 lol )

For me, my breakfast solution is a Herbalife Shake, doens’t get any easier than that! I can have my “5 more minutes” in bed 🙂 I just grab my shaker cup and I drink it on the go! I never have an excuse to not have my breakfast and even when I am on vacation I take my shake with me to the restaurant buffet, I am not kidding 🙂
If you wanna know about Herbalife solution to make your breakfast easy & healthy, you know where to find me 😉

Wishing you the best in health, Deb

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