Israel Klein “prayer”

Israel Klein and I at the Niagara Falls

Israel Klein and I at the Niagara Falls

This is something that was passed on to me my by my dearest friend and mentor Israel Klein.

I have this printed in a paper right in my desk in a way that ideally I can read it everyday.
Hope you like it, here we go…

“I am aware of my positive and negative qualities.
Day after day I shall work on my positive qualities and
I shall get rid of all the negative ones.
I shall make sure that I turn my best traits into the habits that will make me successful.
I promise myself to be strong both mentally and physically, this way nothing will upset the balance
of my spirit, body, my emotional stability and
peace of mind.
I am always friendly towards people around me.

I shall always think positively,
and I shall approach any person I meet only by
talking to him about things like healthy lifestyle,
joy, happiness and self-respect.
I shall always help people around me to feel
more significant and worthy of respect
I hall focus only on sunny, positive sides of any event, and I shall encourage myself to be optimistic at all times.

I am calm, friendly, and cheerful. I shall always laugh
at myself, and this way whatever life has in stock for me, won’t destroy me.
I shall only think about kind and nice things.
I shall work hard, to the best of my ability.
I shall be a enthusiastic about other people’s success just as I am about my own success, since I am devoid of envy and jealousy, as well as vain worries and fears.
As for anger, I find it incompatible with my nature.

I shall forget about my past mistakes.
They will no more trouble my clear mind
and my calm, creative spirit.
I shall only focus on new plans and goals.
Every day I shall take care of the way I look,
and I shall do my best to improve the style of my clothes
as well as my manners.
I shall welcome with a smile any human being that I meet on my way, and I shall have no time left for any kind of prejudice, judgement and criticism of other people.

I shall remain calm and happy, this way I shall be able to keep out of harm’s way.
I am competent, reliable, hardy, patient, and persistent.
I am sure of myself and clearly aware of my goals.
I am full of energy, both physical and spiritual.
I shall repeat this prayer every morning as I start my day.
I shall also often read it at sunset.
These rules will become the rules of my life.
Viva my peace of mind!
Viva my efficiency!
Viva my creativity!
Viva I an everything around me!”

Wouldn’t it be nice if all of us could live according to this?
Good stuff!

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