New beginnings

So, here I was planning my Toastmaster speech for tomorrow and I thought it was quite good so I decided to publish my blog today with this being the first post 🙂
Nothing better to make new year’s resolution become a reality than taking the first step and as this blog is one of my new year’s goals. Here it is – first step done!

A New Beginning

by Debora Sousa

So this is that time of the year, the beginning of a new year, the time everyone has their hopes and dreams renewed, they have plans, they have excitement, they have all it takes for realizing all their dreams….really? for how long?
The beginning of a new year is indeed a very good time to renovate your energy and start it over but it’s not the only time we can do that, life is full of new beginning and sometimes I wonder if people notice them.

When I look back in my life I can find so many new beginnings and most of them were not in January.
I remember when I was 12 and my family moved for another city, it was the first time I was moving and changing for a new school. Not only I was changing the school but I was moving from a private school to a public school and we hear so many stories about public school kids in Brazil, needless to say I was scared, I remember that day as if it was yesterday….I was so afraid that I asked my mom to go with me to the classroom door and when I looked around I was the only one with a mom there, I was all dressed up nice and pretty and the other students were wearing flip-flops throwing papers on each other, was a total mess but once you are on the situation you have no other choice than facing it and adapting yourself for the new reality. In the end, the years I had at that school, the friends I made at that school was the best of all my school time.

I believe that all changes that we make, all new beginnings that we face has within in it a big growth opportunity that if we use it right will reward us with something very precious.

There are many different types of new beginnings, there are those that excite us, we can not wait for it to start – like a toastmasters meeting. There are those that are just scary, if we could we would just postpone it or even better, never have to face it. Finally,  there are those that they are a mix of both scary but exciting – like a toastmaster meeting that you have a speech to make.
When I was around 16 I decided to bungee jump, it’s one of those bright ideas that you have and a minute after having it you regret as much as possible. After you tell people you will do something….humm now you have to do it because they will make you accountable for that, so I can tell you the concept of telling other what are your goals works. So there I was with all those safety stuff around me, having to sign a paper that says I am aware of the danger of dying and going up a 20th floor building size tower to jump without any reasonable reason. In the moment I looked down and everyone was the size of an ant, it was already too late! Next thing I knew I was falling down and yelling my heart off, sounds horrible doesn’t it? You know what, it was one of the best feelings ever!

Facing your fears gives us a instant reward, the felling of freedom.

The best example I will ever have of a “mixed” beginning is when I moved to Canada, some people think the decision making is the hardest part of a change but I particularly think that deciding can be easy, the moment you start moving toward your decision, the moment the plane takes off and you think “from now on there is no turning back” that is where the challenge starts.
The excitement of a new life, of a new beginning is indescribable. Probably all of us felt that in a certain time of our life, changing a job, moving for a new city, having a baby but it’s also very scary isn’t it?
How will I make it there? Will I be happy? Will people like me? Will I make friends? Will I Will I Will I

For some, all this questions and doubts can be overwhelming but the key is when you come to a point of deciding to make all this doubts and questions fascinating and let them excite you. From the moment you learn to make the unknown exciting, when you believe that from every situation you will learn and grow, life changes and beginning become something you look forward to.
At the moment I moved to Canada I had to make this choice, I had to chose to laugh of myself, to fall and to stand back up and to appreciate the small opportunities that we have everyday for new beginning and not just in January of a new year.
I once heard from a mentor named Jim Rohn a simple philosophy that changed a lot in me and it states:

Let others lead small lives, but not you. Let others argue over small things, but not you. Let others cry over small hurts, but not you. Let others leave their future in someone else’s hands, but not you.

and I dare to add “let others make new beginnings just in january, but not you”

For information about Jim Rohn go to:

For information about Toastmasters go to:

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